Bill McNally's Irish Pub Est. 1933, in Oakland, CA.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

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5352 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618 (510) 655-3929

McNally's Irish Pub, the first bar in Oakland to open its doors after prohibition ended in 1933 was founded by Bill McNally the day Prohibition ended. If Bill liked you, you received the best service in town. If not, you might die of thirst right there at the bar.

Since Bill passed away in 1973, the business has gone through several owners. After Bill, Pat Birmingham took Mcnally's to the next level as it became a hangout for Cal sports teams and boosters. McNally's was solidified as THE neighborhood local. Pat retired in the 90's handing off ownership to longtime bartender Sean Cahill who ran McNally's until the current team of Tobias Hampton and Max Young purchased the bar in 2007. Longtime barmen in San Francisco, they jumped over the bay to take McNally's on. They added some new TV's, a glycol tap system and some new barstools and McNally's was back on track.

They kept the friendly atmosphere that McNally's became known for over the years, and re-established it as a great neighborhood Pub. Most all of the decor and facilities have remained almost the same: no food, small bathrooms, and walls adorned with pictures of JFK and FDR among other historical items of importance.

Max has stepped into the background leaving the daily operations to Tobias and their loyal staff of Tony (bartending at McNally's since 1983) , Brendan (bartending since 2003) and Steve (bartending since 2001) who are always happy to serve up a fresh pint, a classic cocktail and a sarcastic aside. Stop in at McNally's at 5352 College and say hello to Tony who has been there 34 years and counting. If you can't understand a "Tony" working at McNally's, he explains that his mother wanted to make sure he got to America so she wrote "To NY" on his forehead, and the name has stuck ever since.

This is one of the last true "Locals" left in Oakland. Stop in for a pint, warm yourself by the fire, catch the game, share a story and if you play your cards right you might just become part of the McNally's family.​

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