Drinking with the Saints!

Kevin and I have abandoned the “event” calendar for now; we will revisit it soon. In the meantime, since we know our audience quite well, how about a different way to count off the days of your life?

Michael P. Foley has written a marvelous book, and we highly recommend it. “Drinking with the Saints” is available at all fine bookstores, and of course, Amazon. Here’s the link, hurry over before it sells out, I’ll wait.


The book is amazing, and both Kevin and I are having trouble putting it down. The drink recipes are miraculously good (there are 38 originals!), but we found that we enjoyed the detailed stories even more. Over 200 saints are authentically detailed, and the book also includes a ton of history about the holy days and many other Catholic celebrations.

Michael (Dr. Foley, he has his Ph.D. in systematic theology) has put together a fabulous read…part hysterical (the toasts!), part educational, (you’ll find yourself saying “who knew?”), and fully entertaining. Follow him on Facebook here:


So, with Michael’s permission, we’re going to select a handful of saints to celebrate every month along with the drink that he has determined goes best with their history and nature. What better way to begin than with the most famous March saint, the Patron Saint of Ireland, our dear St. Patrick?

Buy the book! Toast the Saints!

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