Kevin's Irish Stew

This is a great meal for both informal meals of special events like St. Patrick's day. I have been changing and improving this stew for over twenty five years and hope you like it. I use canned products for a few things to save time and did not notice any changes..


3T. vegetable oil

4T flour

6T flour

1.5 lbs. London broil cubed

1.5 lbs. ground beef 90% lean

2 tsp. salt

1 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp. thyme

2 bay leaves

2 (12-oz) cans of diced tomatoes

1 (8-oz) can of diced chilies (mild)

1 pkg. fresh sliced mushrooms

2C water

4C beef broth

4 carrots thickly chopped

2 small onions thickly chopped

1 green pepper thickly chopped

3 stalks celery thinkly chopped

8 small potatoes quartered

1 tsp. minced garlic


Brown meat in vegetable oil and garlics. dust 4T flour while browning the meat. once the meat is browned add the onions and green peppers. Sautee until the onions are soft and transparent and the peppers "wilt".

Add water, broth, salt, black, pepper, thyme, bay leaves, tomatoes and chilies. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 60 minutes.

Add potatoes, mushrooms, carrots , and celery. simmer for another 90 minutes.

Thicken by making paste with 6 T. Flour and very cold water.

For my guests I provide some French bread and a strong red wine..

Please email us at and tell us what you think of the stew. Send us your favorite Irish recipe. We would love to add it to one of our posts.



Beef stew haiku

beef stew bubbles right my stomach anticipates the great warm goodness... © Marty King

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