Love Thy Neighborhood, Jameson's Way

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Since John Jameson started his distillery in 1780 (only four short years after the USA’s independence), Jameson’s company has been passionate about the quality of its whiskey and ensuring their clients are happy for over three hundred years. Jameson has now raised the bar (pun not intended) yet again. In the last two or three years,

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Jameson has added several unique whiskeys to cater to its many new and diverse customers.

What started as a trial has created some fabulous products that still maintain the renowned savor that says “Jameson.”

We think you will like this interesting article about trailblazer Jamerson's "Head of Whiskey Science," David Quinn.

BTW While I think David's title may not be as grand as the Pope, it sure beats Bishop.

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Jameson’s also made a considerable contribution to the USA with their campaign “Love Thy Neighborhood” There are block parties, neighborhood murals (full disclosure: our son Paul Zappia’s company ‘Down the Street Designs” created the murals in LA) and special events at pubs around the country. There are also individual grants given to various districts to help beautify these regions.

Here are some of the murals that Jameson's procured around the US. I hope there will be a 2020 "Love thy Neighborhood" tour; if we hear of one we will let you know. #irish bars usa

Here's an interesting fact about Jameson's family history: The original distillery was in Dublin, Ireland, and the ultimate success allowed the family to move to Portmarnock along the Irish Sea. The advent of the railway enabled Mr. Jameson to commute the 16 kilometers into Dublin while his family enjoyed life in the country. Their stately home remained in the family until 1945, and has since become a grand hotel with an adjoining golf course.

The hotel is actually built around the original family home, and the Jameson family crest with the Latin "Sine Metu" (Without Fear) can still be seen over the original entrance.

Pam, my partner in all things Irish, had the pleasure of staying there in 2018; here are some photos:

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