The Land of 10,000 Lakes has thousands of Irish people having a party!

Irish immigrates moved to Minnesota in the nineteenth century to help build the Great Northern Railway and to work in the area's lumber camps. These families decided they liked the open prairies of the Upper Midwest, and decided to stay. They built a town and named it after their motherland city and county..and that's how the City of Kilkenny began back in 1856. Their current population is one hundred forty-eight citizens; not much more than when it was first incorporated! Many of the townspeople have ancestors dating back to the town's origin.

The information from their web site explains all you need to know about The Irish Fair of Minnesota and their festival on August 9 -11 at Harriet Island Park.

“The Irish Fair of Minnesota is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization with 11 board members that are dedicated to supporting the Irish community in Minnesota. Each year, we invite you to join us on the banks for the Mississippi River for a celebration of Irish heritage with music, dance, family activities and good craic!

Since 2001, beautiful Harriet Island Regional Park in downtown St. Paul has hosted the Irish Fair of Minnesota. The festival is recognized as one of the most family-friendly events in the Twin Cities, and one of the most authentic Irish festivals nationwide. Attendance in 2018 topped 100,000, and an amazing time was had by all. Stop by, listen to the music, watch the dancers, and even enjoy a pint or two!”

Here are a few places for you to stop by before, during or after the big event!

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