'Tis the season for Irish festivals!

In the 60's my dad would take us to the Irish games in New Jersey and New York. We would go and watch the pipers and drummer play in perfect step, and even at a young age I was mesmerized. Dad would whip out his 8MM camera and film to his heart's content; sadly (as everyone old enough to remember "F Troop" knows) the camera did not provide audio.

He also had a Bell and Howell projector that, at the time, was hotter than the seventh episode of "Game of Thrones" and as we watched, my brothers and I would fill the silence with really bad sounds that only coleoid cephalopods would call music. Dad yelled "if you did not want to watch, then you can leave!" Of course, when we started to get up he told us to sit right back down until the movie was done..one of the many times I was exposed to Irish Logic.

In spite of (or because of?) these memories I love going to the Irish Games and see the pipers and drummers, eat and drink a bit to much , and listen to great music. We saw Gaelic Storm at the Pomona’s Fairplex, and I remember the moment that they become one of my favorite Celtic bands.

We know there are festivals that you are in love with; please please email us at irishbarsusa@gmail.com and we will develop a comprehensive list! Here's one of the best of the best:

The Great American Irish Festival at Frankfort, NY on July 26 - 28.

Their Mission Statement is grand.

Mission Statement

Great American Irish Festival, Inc., was established to be the primary fundraising arm for the Irish Cultural Center of the Mohawk Valley. The festival organization has as its underlying purpose the furtherance of an appreciation and understanding of Irish/Celtic music, culture and history. While the GAIF itself has been an unqualified success, it is only a means to an end. The ultimate goal of the corporation, given the rich Irish heritage in Central New York, is to establish and maintain a state of the art cultural center that will be regional in scope, exploring the history and importance of the Irish in Central New York. This facility will provide a place where the Irish culture can continue to thrive and serve as a permanent meeting site for the local chapters of various Celtic/Irish based organizations, including the Ancient Order of the Hibernians, the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, the Utica St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee, and others.  It is also hoped that the Center will eventually provide a base for anyone in the community interested in furthering their understanding of Irish culture, history, dance, language, etc., through study and research, including such interests as genealogy. The corporation’s purpose is solely for charitable and educational purposes.

Among the NINETEEN bands will be THE HIGH KINGS, THE YOUNG DUBLINERS and HAIR OF THE DOG. There will be pipers, dancers, games, food, drink, and art. We strongly recommend this. They start off with a 5K Rangers Run, if you are so inclined!

Click here to learn more.

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