What is green, has wings, and drinks beer?

President Reagan having a pint at the O'Farrell's pub in 1984 - Reagan's Library

It is the Ronald Reagan’s Pub at the Reagan library in Simi Valley, California!

This story begins in 1857, when a man named Michael Reagan left his town of Ballyporeen to immigrate to North America and settle in the United States. Little did this grand town know that Michael would be the great grandfather of the fortieth President of the America!

A hundred and twenty-seven years after Michael Reagan left Ireland, his great grandson visited Ballyporeen as President Ronald Reagan. While there, he stopped at the pub owned by the O'Farrell family for over 200 years. The O’Farrell’s had an immediate connection with the Reagans, became fast friends, and stayed in touch over the years. Mary and John O’Farrell actually decided to change their pub’s name to "The Ronald Reagan" as a way to give tribute to The Gipper...and, let's face it, probably to make a few extra pounds from tourists!

Ronald Reagan's Pub - Kevin Young

When the O’Farrells decided to retire they worked together with Frederick J. Ryan, Jr., chairman of the board of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation, to move the entire pub to California at the library.

Air Force One and Ronald Reagan's Pub -Kevin Young

After a lengthy deconstruction and reconstruction, The Ronald Reagan Pub is now located directly under Air Force One, and in close proximity to the President’s helicopter and various cars. Here is a great video about the Air Force One Pavilion, showing beautiful views of California's hills. https://www.reaganfoundation.org/library-museum/permanent-exhibitions/air-force-one/

In addition to the pub and Air Force One, you'll find a historic collection of mementos, photos, and videos showcasing the life of this wonderful man. There are also interesting and educating exhibits like “Pompeii” that makes this a trip worth taking.

When you are done feasting yourself on art and history, you can enjoy a Guinness and a meal at one of these neighboring Irish pubs. Slainte!

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