What to do when you need to write a blog but are just swamped?

You find cute videos of an Irish dog doing an Irish jig and another trying to run!

This pooch "Secret" is a woman's best friend. This dog dances better than me, looks better than me and probably has better breath than me. I hate him!


We wonder how dogs can acquire more "likes" than some people can. Do you think there are any cats that have a YouTube account?

Watch this amazing Australian Collie from YouTube.

Mary and Secret have been together since 2014, and while Secret is truly smart the real credit goes to Mary; she spends hours and hours playing, teaching, and loving Secret. What a powerful team they make!

Secret is the smartest dog I have ever seen, but this pup has stolen my heart. Welcome to Loca, the pug that can't "fkn run." Click on the photo of Loca and be ready to smile. And be ready to watch again, and again...

Here is an article about Loca in the www.dogstrt.com. Read

(I have sad news. Loca passed away in October 2017. RIP beautiful Loca. There will never be another Loca. Read)

If you have a photo or a video of your talented dogs, please send them to irishbarsusa@gmail.com. If we have a bunch, we will devote another post to them.

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