Why is someone Flogging Molly?!

Flogging Molly...a"new" band that has been together since 1997.

Over twenty years ago a group of musicians with epic resumes played together at an Irish Bar in Los Angeles called Molly Malone's each Monday.

They performed there so often that their lead singer David King said it was like “flogging a dead horse.” In the two decades since, Flogging Molly has created six albums and toured well over thirty countries.

The team at All Eyes Media wrote a great press release about Flogging Molley's powerful album "Speed of Darkness" in 2011.

Their lasted album is "Life is Good" and made in 2017.

Here is the latest information on their current tour.

Below is a video from their first album "Swagger"

Let us know if you've had the privilege of seeing this great band in person, and give us a review!

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